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Andy Haloa & Loretto Safado: Welcome!!

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We started today on the page enjoying good sex, a good company and the pleasures that life gives.I hope that today we can sastifacer many desires, that recognize us as hot, exciting and willing Latinos to give pleasure

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Christian G & Caleb Jacobs: Duo Account Schedule

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Allot of you have been asking to see my personal slave serve me online. Now is your chance! The schedule is as follows so, make sure you make yourself available or you will be shit out of luck....Note: Remember all schedule times are set for east coast standard time and not west coast. If it is 11pm on a Wednesday night my time, it is 2am Thursday morning in New York.The Schedule is as follows: Thursday: 2am to 5am (11pm Wednesday night to 2am Thursday morning, my time)Sunday: 2am to 5am (11pm Saturday night to 2am Sunday Morning, my time)I look forward to seeing everyone and hearing what you have to say! Your Alpha Stud ~Master Christian

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Josh Bell: From a Boy to a Man

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Since I have been on the site a couple of days now, I think it is high time to tell you all a little story.. Let's start when I was 16 years old (Anything before that is not as exciting). This is the year that I finally built up the courage to come out of the closet with my loved ones and friends. I was living with some guys, out of home and one of them was so sexy. He was a masculine guy with great facial hair and nice body. I had a crush from the moment I met him. Before I was 16 I used to admire the men's swimming team in the Olympic Games. Boy oh boy, Hot men in skin tight pant that you can see every curve. Dream come true. After about six months of living with this house mate of mine, I openly came out as Gay. My house mate had moved out to a new apartment with some girls. I told one of them that I was Gay. After telling her I found I easier to then tell my old house mate. When I told him, he was outside on the Patio looking at the river. He said "I always had a feeling you were Gay". This was great to have people understand me. Shortly after telling him, he was talking to a girl that he had met online. He said he was going to send her a dirty picture. He leaned over to me and Whispered in his sweet deep voice "Do you want to see it?" Unfortunately I replied with a "No" but I really wanted to say yes. Now 4 years on and we don't talk anymore. I still fantasise about him. Thinking what could have happened if I had said "Yes" thinking what would happen if he took me to his room and closed the door and bending me over the bed. Feeling his big uncut meat inside me. Or even sucking it until I get to taste his load. He was my sexy best friend and I still think about him all the time.. I should have said "Yes, please show me the real thing. Not just the Pucture"

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