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Unexpected Sleepover - Jake Tyler -amp; Zander Williams

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Stepbrothers Zander Williams and Jake Tyler have been getting along very well together, ever since Jake's dad married Zander's mom a few months back. They share common interests and love to joke around. It doesn't hurt that Zander thinks Jake is really, really hot!

Today as Jake retires to his bathroom to take a shower, Zander decides to do a little snooping to find out what kind of sexual habits Jake has. To his chagrin, he finds in Jake's drawer a glass dildo and a lifelike, girthy cock. He doesn't hesitate to give the glass toy a try. As Zander works the pleasure tool in and out of his tight, virgin hole, Jake spies him from the bathroom door. Naked and with a fully throbbing erection, Jake quietly approaches, startling Zander when he reaches the bed. He reassures Zander by telling him of the amazing pleasure he's had with that particular item. Zander reluctantly lets Jake take control of the dildo for a while. 'WOW!' Zander thinks. Jake sure knows how to use this thing. It doesn't take long before Jake is slurping on Zander's incredibly hard dick. Then, with a little coaxing, Jake convinces Zander to try sucking some cock. Jake is amazed by how well Zander fellates for his first time. But it's not the only first-time experience Zander's having today. Jake gets Zander to climb on top of his bare cock and take it for an exhilarating ride! After getting used to Jake's large cock, Zander lays on his back so Jake can slam his virgin ass even harder. You won't believe how explosively sexy this incredible encounter becomes when these two outrageously hot boys cum together for the first time.


Flavio Valentino And Steve Hunt Fuck - Flavio Valentino -amp; Steve Hunt

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An after-school session with Coach turns into an anal exam

Running Drills - Jacob Marteny -amp; Trevor Spade

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Running through morning mist, Jacob Marteny keeps a few strides ahead of his pal, Trevor Spade. They keep the pace brisk and the verbal exchange light. Whenever Jacob starts to slow down, Trevor is right behind him, reminding him to stay focused and determined.

When the boys finally return to Jacob's place, they relax for a moment on the bed. Trevor helps Jacob stretch out his leg muscles. As Trevor leans into his friend, pushing back on his leg, Jacob notices Trevor has grown an erection under his running shorts. Jacob is gay, but until now, has been sure his friend Trevor was straight! Whatever the case may be, it seems Trevor is game for a some fooling around. Jacob removes his shorts and allows Trevor to suck his fat cock. Trevor explains that this is all new to him, but Jacob isn't sure; Trevor sucks a GREAT dick. Watching him slurp makes Jacob hungry himself. He devours Trevor's cock on his knees before sucking him more on the bed. The sensation of another guy taking his boner in the mouth is new to Trevor, but he likes it. In fact, he's going further. See Jacob slam his hard meat into Trevor, and work him good. This is a crazy and sexy encounter you must see.


Fred Fele, Isidore Nadas And Peter Shadow Fuck - Isidore Nadas -amp; Peter Shadow -amp; Fred Fele

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Sweaty jocks hose down in the shower after their practice

Lucio Maverick And Steve Hunt Fuck - Lucio Maverick -amp; Steve Hunt

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Steve kicks his cleats in the air to lie ass-up for Lucio

Poolhouse Playmates - Aiden Summers -amp; Sam Truitt

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Sam Truitt is a bit nervous. It's his first day on the job and he's filling in for another pool boy who's taken ill. Sam's just hoping to do good work and hang on to this job. But as he's walking around the poolhouse, gathering toys to throw back in the water, something very interesting catches his eye. He spies Aiden Summers, the young resident of the poolhouse, lounging in a brightly colored pair of underwear, stroking his own clearly swollen cock.

Sam unconsciously begins rubbing his own chubbifying dick. Suddenly, by accident, Sam makes a loud noise against the window. Aiden looks over and sees him. But surprisingly, he motions for Sam to come inside.

Sam enters through the nearest door, walks into Aiden's room, and sits on the loveseat next to him. Without exchanging many words, the two begin passionately kissing. Soon Sam has removed Aiden's cock from the delightful undies and is stroking it. Sam comes out of his clothes and Aiden takes Sam's raging-hard cock into his mouth. He bobs deep on it, twisting his head up and down, back and forth for the pleasure of his new friend Sam. Then it's Sam's turn, as he wraps his tender lips around Aiden's firm erection. He slurps and sucks while looking into Aiden's eyes. Then Sam stands up, positions Aiden, and inserts his throbbing dick into Aiden's tight hole. He fucks him hard while jerking Aiden's large, stiff boner. Then they switch things; Sam climbs on top of Aiden for a ride. Sam can't believe he's fucking the client on his first day! But nothing has ever felt as good as Aiden's fattie slamming in and out of his ass. And the encounter isn't over until both boys erupt on a hot, gooey explosion of passion.


Under Surveillance - Trent Ferris -amp; Trevor Spade -amp; Sam Truitt

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It's just a chill-back type of lazy afternoon over at Trevor Spade's house for Trevor and his friend Sam Truitt. It's too hot outside for much activity, so the boys are watching some daytime television. When Trevor notices Sam is squeezing and playing with something chubbing up in his pants, Trevor asks Sam if he needs any 'help.' Sam's not one to turn down some sexy action, so Trevor dives right in and pulls out Sam's incredibly large cock. It's already pulsating, ready to be sucked.

As Trevor enjoys Sam's thick meat, they notice a camera-mounted remote control vehicle cruising the room. Trevor knows it belongs to his roommate, Trent Ferris. Trevor and Sam aren't trying to put on a show, so they find Trent and make him pay! First Trent is pulling some sucking duty on Sam while Trevor fattens up Trent's big dick. Soon Trent is facing even harsher consequences as Sam slides his bare cock into Trent's sweet, tender hole. While he gets fucked, Trent enjoys a face fucking from his roomie, Trevor. Next it's Trevor's turn for serious revenge. Sam sits down on his firm, uncovered dick and takes a hot ride. Watch Trent bounce with pleasure while Trevor pounds upward into his beautiful ass. And it's not over until Sam gets another turn. Catch this explosively fun, spontaneous three-way bang session as these pals take a relaxing afternoon at home to a whole 'nother level!


Claudio Antonelli And Garcia Udulo Fuck - Claudio Antonelli -amp; Garcia Udulo

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Garcia plugs Claudio's gaping asshole in a public bathroom

Evan Rochelle And Scot Bosco Fuck - Scot Bosco -amp; Evan Rochelle

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Steamy bedroom romp with big-dicked studs & gaping assholes

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