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High-End Property - Asher Hawk -amp; Ian Ticing

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As a Real Estate agent, life pushing properties around in the market can become lonely and difficult. Asher Hawk is feeling that pain. Today he's holding an open house for a very expensive piece of property. It's in the hills, a bit out of the way. A few hours in, he hasn't had anyone drop by. Until now.

Ian Ticing walks in as Asher is going over some legal forms for his client, the seller. What Asher doesn't know is that Ian's been watching Asher. He saw Asher's profile on a Realtor website, and liked what he saw. He knew Asher would be here today. Asher politely gives Ian the standard tour, remarking on the original tile and restored fixtures. When they arrive in the junior suite bedroom, Asher takes an opportunity to ask Ian how old he is. Asher needs a sale and doesn't want to be wasting his time with someone who appears to be too young to possess assets enough to seriously consider purchasing the property. Ian doesn't directly answer his question, but instead kisses Asher. After a few moments of deep smooching, they move to the bed to let the passion continue to spill from their souls. Ian removes Asher's shirt and his own. He pushes him on the bed and removes Asher's pants. Ian sucks Asher's swollen cock for a while before Asher sits up and sucks Ian's erect dick. Ian then takes control, sliding his cock into Asher's tight ass, and pounding him slow at first, then hard and fast. They reposition so Asher can climb on top and ride. Watch this open house tour go from business as usual to pleasure like never before as these incredibly hot Twinks ravage each other in one of the nicest homes on the market.

Stefan Stano, Fred Fele And Zaid Sebhely Fuck - Stefan Stano -amp; Fred Fele -amp; Zaid Sebhely

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Peeping tom spies on grungy, back-alley fuck between thugs

Digital Seduction - Tyler Morgan -amp; Aiden Summers

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When Tyler Morgan has a good idea, he runs with it. Aiden Summers is a hot boy Tyler's made friends with in French Class. They've been assigned a team report that's due next week. Since the weather ain't great, Tyler decides to invite Aiden over to work on the project. Aiden has no idea Tyler's cooking up a fresh batch of digital seduction!

Before Aiden arrives, Tyler records a very sexy video on his laptop, which includes Tyler stroking his bare, stiff cock. When Aiden comes into Tyler's room, Tyler tells him to chill on the couch for a few minutes and open the project file on his laptop. But right there in plain view on Tyler's desktop is the hot video! As Aiden watches the video, after making sure no one else is around, he plays with his own growing erection. Tyler watches him quietly, without Aiden realizing. Just when the moment is right, Tyler surprises him! Aiden apologizes, embarrassed to be caught. But Tyler reassures him it's ok, and the two engage in some red hot kissing. Soon both boys' clothes are on the floor and Tyler is sucking Aiden's big, pulsating dick. Aiden does the same for Tyler and then has a taste of Tyler's tight, warm hole. After getting it nice and ready, Tyler climbs on top of Aiden for a ride. Watch Tyler bounce on Aiden as he jerks his own meaty dick. See the intense pleasure in the faces of them both as Aiden fucks into Tyler hard. Then watch them switch positions on the couch, just before Aiden literally pounds the cum out of sweet Tyler. It's a super hot, crazy passionate hookup!


Arnold Sallang, Fred Fele And Manuel Macko Fuck - Fred Fele -amp; Arnold Sallang -amp; Manuel Macko

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A sleazy underground threesome takes place in a sewer tunnel

Cream of the Crop - Dirk Wakefield -amp; Evan Stone A -amp; Rex Maddox

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Life of the varsity squad can be stressful...but lots of fun too! Just ask Team Captains, Rex Maddox, Evan Stone, and Dirk Wakefield. They're the coolest, hottest boys on the team this year, that's why they stick together. But when they meet up at Dirk's house after a tough practice, a simple back rub turns into a situation that's bringing them closer than these three ever thought they'd be!

Dirk offers to massage Evan's sore shoulders, and Evan gladly accepts. Rex chimes in, of course, asking when he'll get a turn from strong-handed Dirk. Dirk's happy to rub Rex too, but he has no idea the type of massage Rex has in mind! When Rex pops his hard cock out of his shorts, Dirk gets the picture quick! He has no problem planting his 'twolips' in Rex's garden! And while Dirk works on Rex's stiffy, Evan is enjoying Rex's mouth. Rex can't believe he's getting a mouthful of dick from one of his best friends, but why not?! Dirk knows how to suck properly, but he wants the other boys to share his own fat dong. So Evan and Rex take turns slurping his behemoth cock. Then the two boys get on their knees simultaneously to serve Dirk both dicks at once. Dirk can't decide which thick, meaty erection feels better in his mouth! It's not long before Evan offers his tight asshole to Dirk for fucking. Dirk doesn't hesitate to slide his pulsating cock into his pal and repeatedly slam him hard. Evan takes it well, slobbering and slurping on Rex's bulging boner all the while. Rex decides he wants to be pounded too. He lets Evan dip his hard-on into his mouth, while Dirk fucks his sweet hole. Before it's all over, watch these hot, rambunctious guys erupt in hot, creamy delight.


Logan Sajnal, Isvan And Zaid Sebhely Fuck - Isvan -amp; Logan Sajnal -amp; Zaid Sebhely

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2 hot guys get raunchy, spit-roasting their bud in the sauna

Vance Bajnok And Samuel Galamb Fuck - Samuel Galamb -amp; Vance Bajnok

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Vance & Samuel's cocks rise to the occasion in the jacuzzi

Dead End Redemption - Riddick Stone -amp; Shane Hicks

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Forsaken. Tossed out in the cold. Lost. Lonely. Seeking. These describe young Shane Hicks. Here he has come to the end of an alleyway, a dead end. After leaving his home to get away from his strict parents, who had been screaming at him all day to 'get a fucking job!' and 'grow up, loser!' he's here alone, with nowhere to go. All he wants is a friend.

Riddick Stone, a local man who owns a gym around the corner happen to be passing by the dirty back alley and caught sight of poor Shane, shivering and looking glum. Riddick approaches Shane, slowly. He doesn't want to frighten the vulnerable young lad. Riddick is met with a wry grin from Shane. He can tell by the look in Shane's eye that he's lost and scared. But he wants dick, bad. Riddick doesn't mince words. He wants to help but doesn't want to be caught in public feeding his fat cock to this boy on the street. Shane pulls out Riddick's robust dong and devours it. The pulsating erection in his mouth makes him forget his troubles at home. Soon they're both naked in the alleyway. After sucking him, Shane then has a taste of Riddick's ass.

A dingy old mattress provides a little comfort for them both as Shane sits on top of Riddick and takes his dick for a wild ride. See this muscle-bound good Samaritan do a number on this sweet, lost, scared Twink boy.


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