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Sprayed and Punished - Charlie Harding -amp; Nicholas Reed -amp; Asher Hawk

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For a couple of hoodlums out for a good time, a desolate alleyway with a perfect wall for graffiti is the place to be. Nicholas Reed and Asher Hawk met in a diversion class the county court made them attend. They bonded over talk of cigarettes in the boys room, huffing paint fumes, and of course, vandalism with spray paint.

They've met up tonight at a cool place Nicholas has sprayed before. Asher likes it! A fresh, urban canvas is just the right medium through which both boys can express their creativity. After getting a little warmed up with the paint, Asher notices Nicholas looking at Asher's package. A few glances exchanged with each other and the boys are smooching as they take a break from tagging (spray painting).

But then, suddenly, out of nowhere, a grown-up busts them!!! The last thing either of them need is to go back to diversion classes; the instructor's breath was horrible! Charlie Harding is groundskeeper for the Shriner's Senior Facility, the building the boys were just vandalizing. Charlie is a no-nonsense type of dude, but he has a soft spot for reckless youngsters like Nicholas and Asher. The fact is...Charlie used to be a crazy neighborhood boy himself once. That's why he's teaching them a lesson himself, the old fashioned way, just how he learned. Instead of ratting them out, Charlie's having the boys start out by turning his 'soft spot' into a massive, pulsating hard cock. He's shoving his dick into each of their mouths to show them that graffiti doesn't pay. But he's such a nice guy, he can't help but make it fun for all three of them. He's having Nicholas suck both his own AND Asher's fat dongs at the same time. Then Charlie's taking control of the situation by sliding his incredibly large cock into Nicholas's tender hole. Nicholas isn't used to this, but he's enjoying it and certainly learning a valuable lesson. Then it's Asher's turn. While Charlie pounds Asher's sweet ass, Nicholas is allowed to slide his dick in and out of Asher's mouth. It's a session of serious punishment. But in the end, Charlie teaches the boys a way they can spray WITHOUT getting in trouble!


Mihal Laszlo, Janos Volt And George Stevenson Fuck - Janos Volt -amp; Mihal Laszlo -amp; George Stevenson

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Skinny-dipping studs engage in a poolside threeway fuckfest

Garcia Udulo And George Stevenson - Garcia Udulo -amp; George Stevenson

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Garcia plugs George's hole then gapes it open for all to see

Hard to the Mat - Alex Love -amp; Dakota White

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Thanks to county budget cuts, students are being forced to share lockers in gym class. Dakota White has been paired up with Alex Love. Alex takes punctuality seriously and always tries to beat Dakota to their locker first so he can be ready sooner. It's too bad for Alex that Dakota loves to get on the nerves of cute boys.

Dakota times himself perfectly in order to be at the locker precisely when Alex arrives. Alex is quick to comprehend this little game. At first he's annoyed, but when Dakota grabs Alex's dick, Alex changes his mind! Since class doesn't start for another hour, the guys decide to have some fun in the empty locker room. Alex is a little shy and nervous about hooking up on school grounds, so Dakota suggests they put on some wrestling tights and go for a roll on the mats! Alex is game for a good time, and the boys roll and play on the floor. When horseplay moves to include dry humping and kissing, the tights come off and the naked boys grind their nubile bodies against each other. Dakota has been waiting to get his dick inside Alex's mouth ever since they met at the beginning of the semester. And wow do Alex's lips feel good!! Dakota is enjoying a taste of Alex's sweet asshole. Then Dakota is sliding his hard, juicy dong into that tight pocket for a proper pounding. See these super hot Next Door Twinks take advantage of the empty locker room and their raging hormones!


Fireside Passions - Dillon Anderson -amp; Nicholas Reed

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On cold, winter afternoons, Nicholas Reed's desire for fiery passion burns hot. He's invited over an old friend named Dillon Anderson. He and Dillon once shared an ongoing romance, but it fizzled when the two became jealous of other lovers.

Now Dillon's agreed to come by for some tea and check out Nicholas' new place. It's a luxurious suite on the top of a hill in the outskirts of town. His parents pay the rent. When Dillon arrives, Nicholas has wine poured and soft, adult-contemporary playing lightly through surround sound speakers. They only exchange a few words and have a sip or two of wine before their lips lock. Old feelings spill from their memories and they kiss deeply. Nicholas wastes little time before taking Dillon's cock in his mouth and sucking it, just the way he used to. Then Dillon goes in for Nicholas' throbbing dong. Nicholas has been salivating for a long time to lick Dillon's sweet hole again. He's getting a taste that he imagines will have to hold him over for another long time apart from Dillon. Then he's letting Dillon slide that amazing cock into his sweet ass. Watch Nicholas get pounded by his old flame. And Nicholas is having a turn banging Dillon's tender pocket as well. Get lost in this tale of rekindled passion as these boys feel the heat of still glowing embers, buried deep down inside.


Rick Bauer And Giorgio Fuck - Rick Bauer -amp; Giorgio

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Rick & Giorgio fuck like animals on all fours on the couch

Claudio Antonelli, Garcia Udulo And Jose Ganatti Fuck - Jose Ganatti -amp; Claudio Antonelli -amp; Garcia Udulo

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It's a fuck-fest free-for-all for 3 euro studs in a bathroom

The Wrestlers - Ben Daniels -amp; Shawn Allen -amp; Kip Ryker

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Shawn Allen sat nervously on the weight bench. It was only a day ago that he found the crumpled flyer in his pocket that offered 'FREE wrestling lessons!' A voice on the other end of the line told him in a breathy affect where to be and when.

The voice was Kip Ryker's. Kip and a boy by the name of Ben Daniels were already waiting for Shawn when he showed up. Ben had read about the meeting on Craigslist. The three remained silent for a while. Finally, Kip motioned with his head for Shawn to come closer to him. Shawn did and the sexual chemistry became too much to continue ignoring. They embraced and kissed with tongues. Ben watched and rubbed himself for a few moments, enjoying the unexpected eruption of sensual energy between these two.

Shawn had come to the mysterious, out-of-the-way gym to learn some grappling moves that might serve him well in a street fight. He was tired of the bullies behind the skating rink yelling embarrassing, insulting remarks at him on his way home from school. Ben's motivation was a little different. He thought it would be a chance to roll around with some hot guys in tights. Ben was certainly pleased when he realized the meeting was turning into a sexual, three-way hookup. He joined Shawn and Kip, taking time to kiss them both. Then Shawn sat down and took Ben's large dick out. As he did this, Kip pulled out Shawn's cock and began sucking it deeply. Shawn worked his mouth around Ben's wang, slurping and bobbing. Shawn decided he wanted both fat cocks inside his holes at once. He laid down and allowed Instructor Kip to slide his mammoth erection into his tight ass. Ben fucked Shawn's face while Kip slammed the other side hard. Before it's all over, witness Shawn take a warm, cum facial. Goodness knows what next week's lesson will bring.


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