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The Bookworms - Matthew Keading -amp; Jacques Le Coque

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Jacques LeCocque joined a book of the month club at school recently. The funny part is, he's not even into books. He really joined just to get closer to the class hottie, Matthew Keading. The boys have flirted around school for quite some time, but now that Jacques has Matthew alone, in Jacques's bedroom, the sexual tension is about to break.After finishing the boring novel of the month, Matthew suggests they fool around a bit. Of course, Jacques is in definite agreement. Matthew starts by pulling out Jacques fattening dick, wrapping his warm mouth around the large, meaty dong. Then Jacques reciprocates by sucking Matthew, enjoying every bit of his stiff cock. The two get more comfortable on the bed for some passionate 69 action. Then Jacques takes moves his way around to Matthew's ass, carefully sliding his erection into the tight hole. The boys can't believe how good it feels. They switch so Matthew can experience Jacques's eager ass. Watch Matthew pound his friend's soft, Twink ass as they both work up to a warm, explosive final chapter.Enjoy!

Fernando Lizalde And Janos Volt Fuck - Fernando Lizalde -amp; Janos Volt

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Fernando & Janos sneak off from their swim team to have sex

Toy With Me - Joey Hard -amp; Tyler Sweet

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Joey Hard is a sucker for fun, new electronic toys. He got an A on his last Geometry quiz, so his mom bought him a remote control helicopter. Joey's friend, Tyler Sweet, stopped over to check out the whirring novelty.Tyler comes up with the idea to have the copter lift off from Joey's crotch. They giggle as it sits, then takes flight. But something else happened. As Tyler situated the toy on top of Joey's pants, Joey felt his dick becoming more plump, and throbbing noticeably. Tyler can tell exactly what's going on. In fact, he was hoping Joey would pop a chubby. The boys give in to their racing hormones, and Joey allows Tyler to suck his stiff cock. Watch Tyler slurp and bob on Joey's gorgeous boner. Then see Joey return the favor as he helps himself to a nice helping of Tyler's sweet fatty. Playing with new gadgets and toys makes boys like this feel very experimental. They're getting tastes of each other's tender holes before taking turns sliding their dicks in to one another. You won't believe the way Tyler unleashes a powerful pounding upon Joey's soft, Twink ass.Enjoy!

George Vidanov Martin Hubai And Danno Alecs Fuck - George Vidanov -amp; Danno Alecs -amp; Martin Hubai

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Swimming teammates George Martin & Danno fuck after practice

Milk Bone - Trevor Laster -amp; Jackson Taylor -amp; Dane Riley

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Dressed in white and loading up on calcium, these guys are ready to do a body good. After getting in their daily dose of vitamin D, Trevor, Dane and Jackson are ready to get a daily dose of cock. Quickly they melt into the loveseat and disrobe, Trevor stripping Dane as Jackson blows both of them. Trevor slides behind Jackson and begins to tongue his ass, prepping it for penetration, as Dane strokes his cock into Jacksons mouth. As Trevors cock enters Jacksons sweet asshole, he moans and the sound vibrates the head of Danes cock still in Jacksons mouth. Trevor pumps Jackson from behind as Dane strokes himself to contentment, his load building as he watches the two lovers fuck. Trevor fucks Jacksons hole into submission as Jackson rides him and explodes all over his chest simultaneously, so Trevor pulls out and lets his load fly as Dane leans in and blasts Jacksons chest with his gooey goodness. Now thats how a body gets done. Enjoy!

Twins Alex And Ian Lynch Fuck Glen Santoro - Glen Santoro -amp; Ian Lynch -amp; Alex Lynch

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Glen Santoro kneels for a feast of twin tools provided by Alex and Ian Lynch (aka Fabrizio and Maurizio Mangiati) the brothers taking turns shoving the bosss head onto the others shaft. Ian slams his cock into Glens butt while Alex enjoys Glens expert blow job. Glen next sits on Alexs pole, then disengages so Ian can spoon fuck him on the couch while Alex JOs, ending in a juicy climax. Glen finally shoots his load while getting fucked.

Oiled -amp; Ready - Joey Hard -amp; Joey Tiger

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Joey Tiger is a fucking wildcat newcummer. Insatiable and full of energy, he rubs Joey Hard down with oil and watches his friend live up to his namesake. Growing rock hard between Tigers slippery touch, Joey matches his intensity, and quickly he is full of enthusiasm as he facefucks Tigers mouth. Showing little gag reflex, this newbie sucks cock with flare and style, as Hard wets his fingers and inserts them into this hot young ass. Joey looks back as the other Joey smacks his ass with his huge, oiled up cock, and from his knees, he begs for insertion and a nice thorough pounding, which Joey obliges before pulling out blowing a load all down the new guys throat. Enjoy!

Glen Santoro And Julian Veneziano - Julian Veneziano -amp; Glen Santoro

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Buff bodyguard Julian joins Glen in the jacuzzi for some fun

Dubsex - Matthew Keading -amp; Ashton Rush

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Matthew Keading is a huge fan of dubstep music. It's fast, pumping rhythms make him wanna move and gyrate. His friend Ashton Rush isn't very familiar with dubstep, but is willing to listen to anything suggested by Matthew. You see, although the two have been pals for a while, Ashton has developed quite a crush on Matthew.As they hang out in Ashton's room, listening to dubstep, they dance around, jumping on the bed and bouncing off the walls. Finally they settle down and Matthew asks Ashton to sit near him and have a listen to a new song he found. Ashton takes the opportunity to move in for a kiss, and Matthew reciprocates. After some passionate smooches, Ashton pulls out Matthew's already hard cock for some sucking. They move to the bed where Matthew gets a taste of Ashton's big dick, just before licking his asshole. Matthew didn't know Ashton had a crush on him, but he does now! He's bending Ashton over and sliding his stiff meat into that tight, Twink hole. The dubstep music seems to have awakened these boys' hyper-sexual appetite, and only a hard, solid pounding will satisfy their need for intensity! Enjoy!

Home Video - Trevor Laster -amp; Dane Riley

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Dane Riley and his friend Trevor Laster are two young guys who've come up with a scheme they hope will accomplish two things. They're making a series of erotic videos for which they're hoping guys on the net will pay to watch. Secondly, they're hoping to receive at least a few responses from other hotties that want to actually PARTICIPATE in the making of future 'films.' Although they know that if either any of their parents, or anyone at school found out, they'd be dead meat, these boys are fearless. They want cash AND they want to get their hands on new, fresh cock. Their goal is not only to make a few movies, but to cultivate tens, hundreds, eventually thousands of stars, all funneling their content through the two of them. And all will be shot by and of amateurs, just like themselves. Watch as Dane records Trevor jerking his fat cock on camera. Then see Dane take Trevor's erect dick and stroke it himself, videotaping all the while. Then Dane puts his mouth around Trevor's bulging meat and sucks it passionately. Trevor takes the camera to get a POV shot for the film. Then the boys switch, Trevor eagerly slurping down on Dane's stiffie. But it won't be over until Dane has penetrated Trevor's tight asshole with his big, hard boner. See this ambitious duo make a run for the big time as they crank up some hot action.Enjoy!

Initiation - Kyler Benz -amp; Trevor Knox

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Trevor Knox is known around school for his ability to wrestle. A member of the team for quite some time, hes one of the senior team leaders, and as such, he cares deeply for the rites of passage pertaining to the squad. Kyler Benz is a fresh face, and just looking for something to do. Hes not even sure if he likes wrestling, but hes enlisted Trevor to help show him some moves on the mat. Kyler is pensive in his approach, and Trevor senses that his apprehension. So Trevor lets Kyler in on a little secret well, not a little secret. Noticing the bulge in Kylers tights, Trevor suggests that he and Kyler move on to a lesser known ritual of wrestling practice. Confused, Kyler lay motionless as Trevor whips out his big dick and slaps it against Kylers chest. Kyler is much more adept at this kind of physical contact, immediately plunging Trevors cock deep down his throat. Trevor fucks his face on the mat like that for a few minutes, until he cant contain himself, so he slides his dick into Kylers asshole as Kyler bites his lip in anticipation. Pumping him good now, it occurs to Trevor that Kylers membership on the team would not be without reward, and as he pulls out and blasts Kylers face with a load of hot cum, he decides Kyler is a welcome addition to the squad.Enjoy!

Alex Lynch And Ian Lynch Fucks Buck Monroe - Buck Monroe -amp; Ian Lynch -amp; Alex Lynch

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Security guard twins Alex & Ian fuck cute bottom boy Buck

Luke Milan Fucks Rylan Shaw - Luke Milan -amp; Rylan Shaw

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Here's to enormous cocks and long afternoons of lazy summer lust. The ferocious kisses of Luke Milan and Rylan Shaw shoot lazy out the door, and get these studs in white hot action that makes the bright living room as hot as the outdoors. Luke's jerkin' at Rylan's bone, and the thing never seems to stop getting longer and wider. And, the even bigger surprise is that Luke matches Rylan's cock inch for inch--both boys hang super fat and heavy. They swap messy, spit filled blow jobs, swallowing each other's massive cocks to the hilt. But a gut-wrenching fuck is stirring in their gonads, and after some saliva-slobbered ass eating, Rylan's suddenly bouncing on Lukes's super-rigid big bone. With Rylans's legs splayed wide, Luke plugs from below. His giant cock spikes into Rylan's tightly clenching hole. It's a pounding that makes Rylan's cum churn up and out of his engorged tool. Lukes body quivers with tension as he chokes his own sweat-slick cock, and blows his load sky high.

Rogerio Mateo Fucks Andrew Moretti - Andrew Moretti -amp; Rogerio Mateo

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Andrew's on his knees sucking Rogerio's dick in the shower

Group Orgy With Tyson, Terence, Justin, Rick And Other - Rick Bauer -amp; Terence Kiadas -amp; Tyson Naphal -amp; Justin Stewart -amp; Tim Brensen -amp; Gary Zabal -amp; Daniel Paxton -amp; Isvan

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Its an open bar for this horny crew including Tyson Naphal, Terence Kiadas, Justin Stewart, Tim Brensen, Tyler Savas, Gary Zabal, Rick Bauer, Isvan and Daniel Paxton with all you can eat buffet of cock and ass in one of the biggest gangbang videos weve had on High Octane. There are hot bodies and big cocks galore and any number of couples to focus in on as they trade blowjobs and ass-fucks on-screen.

Triple Dare - Trevor Laster -amp; Jackson Taylor -amp; Jacques Le Coque

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Happy couple Trevor Laster and his boy toy Jackson Taylor are prepping for a house guest one afternoon. And by prepping, that of course, means scheming. Plotting a way to get new friend Jaques LeCoque out his jeans and into their mouths. Prepping for a silly old game of Truth or Dare, Jackson and Trevor are giggly in anticipation of Jacques arrival. For his part, Jacques is a pretty open minded guy, but when his new friends suggest he try getting his dick sucked by a guy, Jacques is skeptical, but he figures What the hell? so he gives it a try. To his surprise, as Jackson starts to swallow him, he realizes it feels fucking amazing. Jackson deep throats him all the way down to shaft and Jacques legs almost buckle as Trevor tongues Jacksons ass. Sliding his cock in while Jackson sucks Jacques off, Trevor pounds away at his boyfriends ass, smashing his face deeper and deeper into Jacques pelvis. Then the two of them switch, and Jacques pops his man-cherry as Jackson moans from the size of Jacques full hard cock. Pumping him like that while Trevor strokes off, Jacques pulls out and Jackson remounts Trevor, riding him as he strokes his dick into cumming oblivion, where Trevor then pulls out and squirts a hot load on Jacksons thigh as Jacques beats off and blows a load in Jacksons face. Sure seems like the dare worked.Enjoy!

Morning Blast - Tyler Sweet -amp; Grant Peters

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Tyler Sweet is in the middle of his daily run on a beautiful morning, as Grant Peters slumbers away peacefully in bed. Getting the run out of his system is only half of Tylers daily workout. As Grant sleeps uncovered, Tyler begins to plot the second part of his workout, rubbing Grants feet and legs and gently stirring Grant awake. He does so instantly and slips out of his shorts, allowing Tyler to grab his cock and start stroking, kissing up the sides of Grants body as he turns him over and begins to tongue him between his cheeks. Moistening up Grants hole gets Tylers dick worked up, so he plunges it deep inside of Grant as his chest moves up and down along Grants back. Grant arches his spine and sticks his ass out as Tyler straightens up and pounds him with earnest abandon, and Grant moans from the pleasure as Tyler tries to control himself. Flipping over, Tyler lays on his back as Grant rides him and strokes his dick, and the sweet sensation fucks the cum right out of Grant as Tyler continues to grind away from the bottom, pulling out and cumming all over Grants back, while outside it begins to warm up and the day begins.Enjoy!

Hendrick 2

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no copy

Ty Roderick Fucks Adam Avery - Ty Roderick -amp; Adam Avery

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This exchange skips all formalities. Lean Ty Roderick and black-haired Adam Avery are lost in feverish kissing and groping on the dens black leather sofa. Adam clasps his lips onto Tys throat-choker. Sheesh, its big and fat and long as you might think possible. Adam swallows all of it with mad, zealous skill, and Tys glad to return the favor, deep throating his buddys bloated cock. He licks Adams shiny ass into submission before driving his mammoth ass-stretcher in deep. The guys grapple together in a fuck frenzy. The size of Tys cock drives Adam insensible, but his tight hole keeps a strangle hold on Tys cock. Theres pulverizing pummeling on the sofa, and then Ty lies on the floor so Adam can straddle his rock hard humper. While Ty savages his hole, Adam flails at his reddened meat, and both their loads volcanically erupt.

Tyrone Heccel, Rick Bauer And Agustin Agar Fuck - Rick Bauer -amp; Agustin Agar -amp; Tyrone Heccel

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Gorgeous Euro boy Rick Bauer gets a hot three-way with muscle hunk Tyrone Heccel and adorable Agustin Agar. Hardly a moment passes when both Ricks ass and mouth are not filled to bursting with hard cock. Tyrone and Agustin are extremely well endowed, and Rick handles getting plugged at both ends like a pro.

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